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GMS - Would you like to register your vehicle in Spain? Then you have arrived at the right place!

How much time do I have to re-register my car? According to the legislation, the re-registration must be settled within 30 days, after you have registered as a resident.

Or, if you are not registered as resident, 3 months' after arriving in Spain at the latest.

Important: even if you have not registered as a resident, but you are employed here and registered with the social security system, you are considered a resident by the local authorities, and the 30 days' period commences on the day you become registered with the social security system!

We provide:

  • Engineer's report. This is a one-off process to ensure that your vehicle is acceptable on Spanish roads. If you have a Certificate of Conformity, the engineer’s report is not needed.
  • ITV inspection. This is the equivalent of the UK MOT and is very thorough and honest.
  • Registration document (often called a log book).
  • Payment of any taxes due including registration tax, etc. Receipts from the authorities are provided for these.
  • Spanish number plates (You get to keep the old ones!).
  • Where appropriate, continental headlights and rear fog lights.
  • If required, assistance in obtaining other documentation, such as Padron, NIE etc....
  • An agreed price with NO nasty surprises at the end.

What do I need:

  • Original vehicle documentation
  • CoC (Certificate of Conformity): This original (on watermark paper of the manufacturer) includes the EEC type-approval (formerly known as general operating permit) as well as the vehicle-specific data registered by the manufacturer, which are transferred by the European regiration authorities to the respective national registration document.
  • Copy of your Passport or ID card
  • Copy of your NIE or Residencia
  • Proof of residence in your Town (empadronamiento) or Escritura or Utility bill or IBI.

  • To re-register as Removal Goods, If you transfer your primary place of residency to Spain, there is a possibility of requesting Exemption of registration tax by declaring the vehicle removal goods. Here are the pre-requirements:

  • The vehicle must have been registered at least 6 months in your name.
  • You must have been registered as resident at least 1 year in your country.
  • You must de-register as a resident in your country.

The whole procedure takes between 10 - 15 working days if all the paperwork is correct

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