GMS - We help you fight the Spanish Bureaucracy. Are you having problems with the language barrier and are looking for an Interpreter for: real estate, notary deeds, lawyers, mortgage, banks, insurance, Doctors, hospitals, Suma, municipalities, town hall, Police, obtaining or problem solving of utility providers, or for difficult situations like Funeral services, contracts with insurance or rental, over the phone or anywhere you could have Language Barrier Problems. Let us assist you communicating in any situation with any interpreting need. Contact us.

In case of or involved in an accident or robbery, neighbour problems, etc. we can handle it directly over the phone or in person.

We also help you register in the Spanish health services.

Either way over the phone or in person.

GMServices can provide on site face to face interpretation for doctor's, hospitals, pharmacies, council, Lawyers, etc.

Face to face Interpretation: Let us ease your communication with Council matters, between you and a neighbour, etc.

Telephone Interpreting: Let us ease your communication via telephone calls or conference calls made on your behalf.

Medical Interpreting: Our experienced Team can assist patients and clients with health care providers, pharmacists, and other doctors. Health care service should be equal no matter what language is spoken.

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